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stylish & functional bathrooms & Kitchens

My focus is on creating kitchens and bathrooms that not only look stunning but function well and make the most of the available space.

Your kitchen is usually the heart of your home, and needs to reflect how you live.

Your bathroom and powder room should reflect how you wish to feel as well as cater for your individual requirements.

My work includes full material specification and concept drawings, and then I work alongside reputable award-winning joiners and either your own builder or my contacts, for the detailed design and build.

Interior Design 

At The Room Editor, I understand that the kitchen and bathroom are essential spaces in your home, where form and function must harmonize seamlessly. My commitment is to create kitchen and bathroom designs that not only exude stunning aesthetics but also optimize functionality and space utilization.

I recognize that your kitchen is the heart of your home, a place where your lifestyle and culinary creativity converge, and it should reflect exactly how you live. Similarly, your bathroom and powder room should evoke the emotions and tranquility you desire while accommodating your unique requirements.

My comprehensive approach includes meticulous material specification, intricate concept drawings, and a collaborative partnership with renowned award-winning joiners.

Whether working alongside your trusted builder or tapping into my network of skilled professionals, I ensure that every detail of your design and build process is executed with precision, resulting in kitchen and bathroom spaces that are both visually captivating and supremely practical. Trust me, Heidi at The Room Editor, to transform these vital areas of your home into functional works of art tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Heidi’s Design Process

First contact and initial meeting

When you first contact me, we'll have a chat about your home over the phone - and you can ask me questions to check I'm the right designer for your project (and vice versa).  We can then schedule an in-home consultation.

This in-home consultation is currently $195 (plus gst) for up to 90 minutes. It is customised to your project. Usually, this consultation also allows me to understand the scope of the job so I can provide you with a proposal and fee for the interior design work required. 

Proposal and Fee
Getting to know you
Initial concept and design

Selection of materials

Project Management

Heidi helps clients all over the wellington region

Here is some of Heidi’s recent work

We valued your help


Many thanks for all your help over the last many months. We valued your help, fresh ideas, you challenged me and pushed my boundaries – the end result was so worth it and we couldn’t be more happy with our home! I have no regrets about any of our choices and that is largely thanks to you!

She is worth her weight in gold and more!


Heidi was such a pleasure to work with. She was great at establishing our tastes and guiding us within these with fantastic ideas of products and design. Our home really feels right for us thanks to Heidi. It would not have been anywhere as successful without her input.

 She is worth her weight in gold and more!

thank you again!


We are loving our new home. We are very happy with the expertise and great service that you provided for us – thank you again!

What we do

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An in-home consultation is tailored to your specific needs and home, and usually runs for 60-90 minutes, at a fixed cost of $195 plus gst.

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If you're not sure and just want to chat, book in a free 15 minute phone call with me - I'd love to discuss your home project.