How to Display Things

Living room looking crowded – or plain messy? Displaying things (nik naks, candles, vases, frames) properly will make your room look like an interior designer has waved a wand.

Here’s how: In your living/family room there will be about 10 places to display your favourite things.

Take advantage of no more than 4 of these places. This will make an IMPACT and give your things space to SHINE.

Start now.

1) Put all display items in a pile just outside the room. (While you’re doing this, get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the room)

2) Discard anything in that pile you don’t love.

3) Decide on just 3 or 4 places in your room where you will re-display your things (i.e. bookcase, mantelpiece, coffee table).

4) Pick one thing from your pile to be the STAR of each display area.

5) Add pieces to each star – but these pieces must have a relationship to the star (through colour/shape or era).

6) Put anything left over in storage, give to the local op shop or sell. Voila, welcome to your less cluttered, more cohesive room.