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Design on Cashmere Hill

I was fortunate to work on the interior design of this stunning award-winning architectural new build on Cashmere Hill, completed December 2020. My involvement comprised of working with my clients on the interior colours, flooring, material specification, curtains, wallpaper and upholstered furniture in their living rooms. The owners have a wonderful collection of art, which is offset beautifully by the colours selected. Such a lovely home befitting a lovely family. Photography by Sarah Rowlands and courtesy of Abode Magazine which featured this home.  First 6 photos by Sarah Rowlands Photography.

New build - Castlehill

I was engaged as designer on this home from pre-construction through to styling. I selected external and internal materials and surfaces, including all the furniture and furnishings. This home is set in a beautiful rural landscape of the South Island. I strongly felt that the outside colours needed to brought inside so the home was part of the  landscape. Also, being a holiday home, textural surfaces and colour could be unique to what my clients have  in their permanent residence. The result is a beautiful home, with colour and texture in abundance, and one where my clients holiday very happily. A select few  photos shown here.  

Architectural gem - Huntsbury

I was employed as the interior designer for this outstanding home from the outset of construction. Briefed to select materials, colours, and finishing - outside and in - as well as new furniture and furnishings. These clients prefer a quiet palette of colours with a lot of texture. There was a lot of work that went into the colour and textural details as well as bespoke finishes. The result is a beautiful restful home, with pops of colour and interest. A select few  photos shown here.  

Mid-century modern make-over - Christchurch

When styling a home, I present well-considered colour schemes, fabrics and furnisher to work in with my client's preferred style and what they already own and wish/need to hold on to. For these fabulous clients, I worked on a full colour and material scheme for their large-scale home extension - this included colours, flooring, window furnishings, furnisher through to lighting and styling. I particularly enjoyed working with the treasures they already had, and making their family home functional and fabulous. 

In the photos above, you see the same colours being repeated from room to room to create cohesion and harmony . You can play it up with colour or tone it down - but repeat, repeat, repeat. Other points to note: Wallpaper - use it... in your hallway, in your media room - it adds texture and (if you wish) colour and pattern too - and - absolutely a designer touch. 

New build - Cashmere

Prior to being the interior designer on their new build, I helped these clients to restyle their previous home in order to sell it and maximise their sale price. My role in their new build was all encompassing, from  selecting  flooring to exterior and interior paint colours to kitchen surfaces, tiles, curtains....  through to specifying new furniture and styling. It was a pleasure working with these clients who  love their new home.

70's Refurnish - Huntsbury

Most of my work comes from referrals. These photos show the living area completed for one such client. Her family had recently moved into a 1970s-era home. We made it cosy and sophisticated using warmth of tone and lashings of texture - all while being mindful of the era of the home. We had a custom-made sideboard, table and desk made, window seating reupholstered, plus bespoke settee, cushions and rug made, new paint colour added for depth, new curtains added to make it functional, and hand-selected items to style this beautiful abode. Now, this home sings with the warmth of browns, ochres and greens, is functional for  family life - and is in harmony with the era of home.  Here are some photos of the lounge, and also one of the family room.

To illustrate the difference colour, texture and well-considered styling can make to a room, here are some BEFORE PHOTOS

Architectural new build  - Merivale

Rooms painted subdued shades are restful, romantic and inviting. Brights or tones against this can offer a wonderful contrast and provide energy.  This was the case in this newly built home, for which I provided a complete interior design service in Merivale in 2018. The brief was a classically modern style, simple and clean-lined to set off art. My role included a full colour consultation (interior and exterior), kitchen cabinetry and surface selection, bathroom tile selection, flooring throughout, window furnishings, and styling - including sourcing and having various pieces of bespoke furniture made  (including settees, dining table, headboards, cushions).  The result is an exceptional home, befitting my equally exceptional clients who are loving their contemporary and wonderful restful yet energy-enhancing new abode.

New build -  Wanaka

Warm tones such as copper, cinnamon, nutmeg and metallic accents work in locations such as Wanaka so beautifully. My clients building new approached me late 2017, upon  hearing I had a holiday home in Wanaka. It was a pleasure to work within their brief which included a love of texture and warm tones. I worked on a full interior and and exterior colour scheme, with flooring, bathroom tiles, window furnishings, wallpapers and much else. After moving in, they needed to keep their furniture, but wished to style it up with new cushions.. I sourced decorative items and textural additions, and had made new cushions, to add much-needed colour and texture to work with their beautiful environment.