Things I like and why – to inspire you

When styling an entranceway like this one, I like to use elements that show the homeowner's personality and give a hint of the rest of their home. Replicating colours that are found throughout the home is another tip. Entranceways needn't be boring or purely functional - you are just passing through so you can use a more daring colours or wallpaper too.

For this master bedroom,  I added a dark wall behind the bed added depth to what was a very white room lacking in texture.  New bedside lights added warmth with wooden element and drama with sharp angles. Tailor-made cushions and  headboard added pops of colour and form, and  white linen ensured  a calm and, timeless design.

I like to make my clients' homes functional as well as great looking! I think outside the interior box - after all, that's why people hire me. Here, cork adds warmth, contemporary-cool and texture. Practical for a family. By being large scale and taking up the whole wall, it adds impact to what otherwise would be a clinical, undefined space.

Serene and warm with personality. Blends old with new seamlessly. Striped bedspread gives graphic interest. Textural with the blind and sheepskin. Practical too, with somewhere to fling clothes and wall lighting. Rug anchors the space.

I often use graphic elements in my interiors, like here with adding poster art. I'm a big fan of white - even if I use warmer toned walls for a client, I like to add freshness of white through cushions and art or styling elements. Minimal colour variation is another way to create a very calming environment like this. And then  texture, throws for interest, and a rug to  define the space. This room  is an invitation to enter and sit down. Playing with scale is important too, as shown in this artwork. 

 Art needn’t be expensive. Here, a clearly positioned medley of images using black reusable tape injects the owners’ into the room. Play with positioning of art – don’t always use it dead centre of a room or at eye level.

Wonderful use of restrained contrast in a bathroom, while remaining functional and clean plus easy to clean. Large scale deeper tiles on floor add depth and illusion of space. White elsewhere is clean and light for a small space. Always inject accessories that add personality and warmth into a bathroom. Carefully considered towels can be all that you need to add to your bathroom. The jug surprises, and basket and plant contrast with the hard surfaces.

I work with clients who have a wide range of styles - from contemporary through to classic - like this one. When I am working with a classic style, however, I like to contemporise it with  flair. Here, I am also demonstrating how black and white is always the most striking of combinations - but by adding pink we soften the black and white. Note again, the textural surfaces making the most of marble, wood and glass. 

In a TV room or 'snug' as American's call them, I love to deepen the walls to provide a sense of  soul and cosy  ambience. In these rooms, I also use colour to great effect -in this one  bright pops of yellow to add a contemporary touch to the traditional furniture.

Dark walls can be very effective in a living space to add homeliness and drama. Here, near-black contrasts with what otherwise could be a conservative beige room - the light rug, curtains and couch. A hint of pink for warmth. Glass-top, narrow-legged table for spaciousness. Contrast in shape with the mirror and table vs rectangular fireplace and table.  Scale used to be best advantage in the light fitting and mirror.