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Transforming Treasures

Furniture upholstery is another area where my expertise and creativity can help you.

Over the years I have led and project managed dozens of upholstery projects for clients  –  window seat squabs through to vintage armchairs.

I select the right fabrics for each job in consultation with you, and use my trusted upholsters to skilfully re-finish treasured pieces and create new ones by-hand.  

I work directly with a large number of textile houses – supplying fabrics from James Dunlop, Warwick, Malcolm Fabrics, Designers Guild, Unique, Textilia and Seneca to name a few.

I offer a full service including bringing samples to your home from which to select – or I can meet you at a textile design library. I will do a full measure and quote and project management through to installation.

Expert Design Skills

When it comes to furniture upholstery, my dedication to excellence extends beyond restoration and transformation. I understand that furniture holds sentimental value and plays a pivotal role in your home’s aesthetic. That’s why I go the extra mile to ensure that each piece receives the care and attention it deserves.

My curated selection of fabrics, in collaboration with you, ensures that your upholstered furniture not only looks stunning but also aligns with your design vision.

My network of skilled upholsters, chosen for their craftsmanship and commitment to quality, work tirelessly to bring new life to your cherished pieces or craft custom creations by hand. With access to a vast array of fabrics from renowned textile houses such as James Dunlop, Warwick, Malcolm Fabrics, Designers Guild, Unique, Textilia, and Seneca, I offer an extensive palette to choose from.

Whether you prefer the convenience of in-home samples or a visit to a textile design library, I adapt to your preferences. My comprehensive services encompass precise measurement, detailed quoting, and expert project management, ensuring that your upholstered furniture becomes a testament to both artistry and functionality in your home. Trust me to transform your furniture into timeless pieces that reflect your style and stand the test of time.

Heidi’s Design Process

First contact and initial meeting

When you first contact me, we'll have a chat about your home over the phone - and you can ask me questions to check I'm the right designer for your project (and vice versa).  We can then schedule an in-home consultation.

This in-home consultation is currently $195 (plus gst) for up to 90 minutes. It is customised to your project. Usually, this consultation also allows me to understand the scope of the job so I can provide you with a proposal and fee for the interior design work required. 

Proposal and Fee
Getting to know you
Initial concept and design

Selection of materials

Project Management

Heidi helps clients all over the wellington region

Here is some of Heidi’s recent work

What we do

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An in-home consultation is tailored to your specific needs and home, and usually runs for 60-90 minutes, at a fixed cost of $195 plus gst.

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