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Say it with colour

I love colour and I’m skilled at combining colours to get maximum effect.  Colours should reflect who you are and your home, not the latest trends. 

I’m as comfortable with with using neutrals, whites and layering texture, as I am with using strong colour. 

People usually know what colours and neutrals they want to live with. But they often lack confidence in choosing among the 1000s of options available.  The colours in your home have too greater impact to take a guess.

I work with you to create a master colour board, which makes your home work as a cohesive whole, and ensures your home reflects your preferences and personality.

This colour board can include wall colour, soft furnishings colours (sofas, cushions, window treatments etc) wallpapers and your home’s exterior.

Colour Design Skills

I understand that color plays a powerful role in interior design, and it should mirror your unique personality and style, rather than simply following passing trends. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of neutrals and whites or have a penchant for bold and vibrant shades, I’m here to guide you through every step of the process.

Choosing the right colors might seem overwhelming with the multitude of options available, but I have the expertise to assist you in making confident choices. My approach involves collaborating closely with you to craft a master color board that seamlessly ties your entire home together.

This comprehensive board encompasses everything from wall colors to soft furnishings, wallpapers, and even your home’s exterior, ensuring that every aspect of your space resonates with your preferences and adds a personal touch that truly makes it your own.

Let me, Heidi at The Room Editor, transform your home with the perfect palette, creating a harmonious and inviting environment that reflects your individuality.

Heidi’s Design Process

First contact and initial meeting

When you first contact me, we'll have a chat about your home over the phone - and you can ask me questions to check I'm the right designer for your project (and vice versa).  We can then schedule an in-home consultation.

This in-home consultation is currently $195 (plus gst) for up to 90 minutes. It is customised to your project. Usually, this consultation also allows me to understand the scope of the job so I can provide you with a proposal and fee for the interior design work required. 

Proposal and Fee
Getting to know you
Initial concept and design

Selection of materials

Project Management

Heidi helps clients all over the wellington region

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An in-home consultation is tailored to your specific needs and home, and usually runs for 60-90 minutes, at a fixed cost of $195 plus gst.

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If you're not sure and just want to chat, book in a free 15 minute phone call with me - I'd love to discuss your home project.