04 September 2021
Window Furnishings - how to make every room Functional, Beautiful and Personal
Window furnishings are one of the hardest working functional items in a room: they filter the sun, add warmth, they allow us to sleep, and they provide privacy. Window furnishings should always make a room more beautiful too, as they can add texture, softness, colour and pattern. They are also key to creating personal style in a room, reflecting the owners who live there.
26 June 2020
I'm very conscious of how my work as an interior designer affects our planet. See how I manage my projects to ensure that impact is minimised.
12 November 2019
Following on from my last blog about how to use colour, here are 6 easy-to-master colour combos for you to use at home.
11 November 2019
The Room Editor's 6 steps to displaying things in your home. This one's all about editing and how to style.
04 July 2019
4 easy-to-use designer tips for putting colour to work in your home

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