About The Room Editor

Once upon a time there lived a girl who was forever rearranging her bedroom. At 11-years old she sewed a pink duvet out of a pair of sheets and teamed it with a self-gathered purple valance beneath. She lived for making and creating, and loved rearranged her family's home, advising on their decor and furnishings.

When this girl grew up, she went to university to study Design and then complete a degree in Communications Management. While forging a successful career in PR and media, she continued to recreate spaces wherever she lived. She reinvented a 19th villa, swapping scrim ceilings for plasterboard and paint; turned a tired 1920s bungalow into an elegant home; and turned a 2000s home that had been styled as if built in the 80s into a contemporary urban living space.

Spurred on by friends and family and with a desire to make interior design a full-time job, Heidi decided to turn her passion into a career. When her youngest child left for school, she spent two fabulous years completing a Diploma in Interior Design at CPIT and launched her business: The Room Editor.

What are you coveting for your home right now?

Heidi: More lamps - lighting makes a huge difference to a room's ambience and thus live-ability. A good lamp should last years, so it pays to be picky.

Ultimate home?

Heidi: A home where subtraction has been totally embraced. This doesn't mean living in a minimalist home (I am a great believer of living with treasures and personality!) but the ultimate home is edited so that everything you are living with you really love.

What's your home like?

Heidi: It is a tad eclectic with: mid-century pieces; a bit of antiquity provided by a painting by my great-grandmother in an old frame; and a good dose of contemporary furniture. Pieces match just enough to feel finished - but not so much that it looks overly thought out. I gravitate towards liveable whites, wood for warmth, deep hues for depth and then accent of colour.  My home is camera-ready plus people-ready.

Is there a period/era of home that resonates with you?

I have a penchant at present for well-designed 1970s homes. But modern - traditional - anything inbetween - all resonate with me so long as their exteriors and interiors have been beautifully considered.

What can't you live without?

Texture! Space to breathe. Lamps - ambient and directional. Warmth and personality.

Final thought

Removing a piece of furniture/decoration that you don't really love from your room has a greater and more positive impact than adding something new. And it won't cost you a cent!


Heidi Brook

Interior Designer

BCS., Dip Int Des. (Residential)

Member DINZ


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