Sustainable interior design - 4 tips

As a designer, I'm very conscious of how my work impacts the planet.  Here are my 4 absolute must-do's for sustainable interior design.  

1. Buy the best you can afford

Don’t just buy less, buy better. A cheap, poor-quality mass-produced coffee table is unlikely to last a long time.  A well-made piece of furniture can last a lifetime - or several. My manufacturers in NZ make bespoke furniture to order, using sustainable timber, and top craftsmanship. These items are well-considered and grace many of my client homes - such as the pieces shown in the photos here.   

2. Forgo trends

I select timeless materials, and furniture and items for which my clients have a  deep ‘love’.

Remember when millennium pink was all the rage? Or macramé? Or ‘word’ art?

Instead, be original, be yourself, choose items that will forgo trends. Here, I used a gorgeous NZ-made chair in this room to complement existing furniture.

3. Re-purpose/re-use what you have

You don't always need to buy new. I regularly manage the reupholstery of  clients' armchairs and settees with fabulous bespoke fabric. We can give your old dining table get a new lease of life by staining/white washing it or changing out the legs and then teaming it with contemporary chairs.  

I can style and display your treasures in a  contemporary way.

I've had kitchens professional re-sprayed, and bench tops and kitchen handles replaced in several client kitchens over the years. The result can be like having a new kitchen. This purple kitchen took on a radically new life with this treatment. Before (purple cabinetry) to After (crisp white) Photos below.

4. Source products that come from suppliers where sustainability is fundamental to them too

I select suppliers who have the same commitment to the environment as I do. Fortunately, my job has become easier since more sustainable products make the market. Rejoice fabric (shown) by Warwick is made from 100% plastic bottles with 70-80 bottles in every metre. It's soo soft - almost velvet-like. Forte is another supplier doing things such as producing outdoor rugs in recycled plastic (also shown). Both durable AND good looking.

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